You Can Do That…Just Get Out of Your Own Way

How many times have you heard someone utter the phrase “you can’t do that”? Who are they talking to…me? I think not. As women, most of us remember our mothers telling us we could do and be anything we wanted to…even president. Then why the negativity?

As adults, often times, that carefree spirited enthusiasm we knew as children gets replaced by boring, narrow minded thinking, leaving many of us scratching our heads wondering why we’re somehow unsatisfied. The business opportunity we didn’t take or the chance to pursue a career change- these are the choices in life many of us fear. Friends and family may even mumble “you can’t do that”. Why not?

Get Out There and Do It

Making the change is as simple as getting up and doing it. Regardless of what the naysayers think, the only sure way to get what you want is to simply go and chase it. Even running shoes are on board as Nike’s popular slogan “just do it” says it all. After all, when it comes to success, the only choices that are absolutely guaranteed to fail are those that don’t exist.

Take starting a business. It’s risky and exciting. Risk can be rewarding and oh yes, it can result in colossal failure. But that is exactly why the payoff is so great. What if Oprah was told she didn’t have anything interesting to say or if Condoleeza Rice was somehow veered away from politics? You get the point. Women have been exceeding expectations for generations. And while it may be a little scary to take the leap, the results are often breathtaking.

No Risk… No Reward

As a woman who has worked hard to earn an education and start a business, I have yet to limit myself. And I will proudly teach my daughter the value of getting what she wants by working hard and taking chances. I’ve never limited myself by what others say can’t or shouldn’t be done and I hope she won’t either. The next time you’re contemplating doing something others say you can’t do, whether it’s starting a new business or just saying something you’ve been wanting to say…do it. You just might be surprised at the result. Thomas Edison said it best- “I never failed once. I invented the light bulb. It just happened to be a 2,000-step process.”