The Face of 21st Century Leadership: The Female Entrepreneur

Mothers and Daughters in BusinessThe Face of 21st Century Leadership: The Female Entrepreneur

Hey gals, there’s some great news out there for female business owners. According to the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute, the United States ranked number one out of 17 countries for “conditions that foster high potential female entrepreneurship”. Awesome! That means if you haven’t quite made up your mind or you’re still waffling over a great idea, get going because the time is now. So what is it about female entrepreneurs beside access to the right environment that positions us for growth in 2014? While there are literally hundreds of differentiators, here are four of the most compelling.

No. 1: Superhero Networking Abilities Like Batman and his cape, chances are you’ve got the whole networking thing down pat. And that’s great, because the key to small business success in 2014 is definitely trending in the direction of collaboration. And that’s true at all levels, from crowd funding a start up to the shared economy, business owners are relying on others to help with everything from funding to marketing. And if social media is any measure of what’s to come, female business small business owners are positioned to be the superhero’s of the digital landscape.

No. 2: Cooperation Skills Most, if not all women business leaders recognize the value in knowing how to “play nice”. Sure, there will be outliers, but for the most part, cooperation skills and support are inherent. In fact, statistics show that women in leadership positions are more likely to lend a hand, share resources and do it in a way that drives action and results.

No. 3: Problem-Solving Acumen Gender diversity is a no-brainer when it comes to creative problem-solving. And for thinking outside the box, who better to lead the charge than a woman? Creativity spurs productivity and innovation increases growth. Women have a knack for coming up with solutions to solve all kinds of pressing issues. The truth is, many of us have been doing it for generations, we just called it something else.

No. 4: A Natural Holistic Approach More than cooperation or collaboration, female entrepreneurs have a different mindset when it comes to looking at the bigger picture. It’s often more holistic, concerned with all the moving parts, not just those that run the engine. At least for small business growth, the new measure of worth isn’t what you can do, but how we can do.

21st century leadership demands a different skill set. Savvy business owners recognize there’s a change taking shape and are responding by becoming more engaged and participating in the conversation. For women entrepreneurs, this is a good shift and a chance to maximize not only business acumen, but also, a few of those “soft skills” that seem to be critical for small business success.

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