Taking the Business to the Next Level: What We Can Learn From Our Children

Taking the Business to the Next Level: What We Can Learn From Our Children

As moms, many of us feel that it is our sole responsibility to guide, advise and lead our kids, teaching them how to become great people going great places. And that’s true, it is. But sometimes, as a parent, there’s tremendous value to be gained from taking a step back to listen and learn. As professionals and moms, what can we learn from our children and how can the next generation help us be better prepared entrepreneurs and business owners?

Stay Ahead of the Curve

One thing is true about millennials and the next generation- they sure love their gadgets. And that’s a good thing because if it beeps, blurps, bumps or zings, someone will be using it to further their business goals. Are you tech savvy? I like to think that while I know how to use my smart phone and can send a few tweets that I’m doing okay. The truth is, technology is changing at break neck speed. If you lose momentum for a second, you may fall behind, forever playing catch-up. The good news is, our children are often very much engaged with trending technologies and emerging platforms, giving us a rare view into the benefits, costs and potential value of just about everything. How are your social media skills? Should you be using SnapChat for marketing? Is Vibe the way to go? You get the picture.

Put Unparalleled Energy and Unwavering Dedication Into…Having Fun

Yes, we’ve all heard that success comes easier when you enjoy what you do. But this takes it a step further. Our kids have mastered the art of learning how to make play a priority. Sure, there’s a time and a place for fun and you can’t simply decide to retire the disciplined approach for a thrill-seeking strategy. But while business needs to be structured, it also needs to be balanced. With that said, you’re not alone if you can’t remember the last time you weren’t consumed with schedules or meetings, returning phone calls, even email. Make time to relax, de-stress and have some fun. Chances are your body, mind and business will thank you for it.

Make New Friends…Everywhere

For kids, networking comes easy. Whether it’s on the playground, at school or in the driveway getting in the car, kids find ways to interact and engage. That’s a trait many of us forget about as we age, yet one of the most important aspects of building a business. The people we know and connect with build the foundation for a strong, robust future. Remember, success in the 1980’s may have been defined by what you know. In the 1990’s it was who you know. Today, business achievement is clearly defined by who knows you. Networking is everything.  

For many of us, the next generation of business leaders is just a short walk down the hall. Whether or not we choose to maximize these resources by listening, engaging and getting to know them will surely define our path forward.

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