Amber (L) & Jeannie (R)

Amber Clay & Jeannie Cheatham


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When she was just 10 years old, after buying a package of Jolly Ranchers with all of the wrappers stuck to the candy, Amber Clay decided that she needed to write a letter to the Hershey’s company and share her disappointment in their lack of quality control.  This action was just one of many signs early on that gave her mother, Jeannie Cheatham, a sense that Amber was able to see a bigger picture and appreciated the need for quality products.   It was of no surprise to her then that her daughter grew up to be a business owner who places an emphasis on providing quality products and amazing service to their customers.

Extremely close growing up and to this day, Amber and Jeannie always knew that they would be in business with each other.  When you speak with these two women it is very evident that they thoroughly enjoy working with each other and couldn’t imagine it any other way. Read the complete Spotlight.






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