Don’t forget the Aspiration

Don’t Forget the Aspiration

 In my family, everyone worked- no exceptions. I remember as a little girl watching my mother. As a realtor, she was always on the phone and always carried a big briefcase. Often, after she would leave in the morning, I would sit at the kitchen table, pretending to be on the phone, stuffing memos and papers into my own pretend briefcase. Only I wasn’t selling property- I was buying it.

For many of us- myself included- getting an education, gaining real world experience and building a career occupies most of our thoughts. We work hard, we build a secure future. Don’t get me wrong, these are logical choices and a sound path to follow. But sometimes getting what you want out of life doesn’t come from reading a book or even experience. In fact, sometimes we forget the most important ingredient of all- aspiration.

Aspiration and ambition are the building blocks of achievement. It’s the spark that ignites when you think of the possibilities and the chance for your soul to imagine what could be. But most importantly, aspiration paves the way for brilliance. Ask any of the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs what they have in common… and undoubtedly, they will all say it began with a dream.

Sure, you can’t run a business on dreams. But remember, strategic goals and business objectives are clearly just dreams on paper. Taking the time to prioritize your business with well-defined goals and an implementation plan is simply another way to aspire.

As you pursue your own business, ask yourself if you’ve left enough time to dream. Look around and take a mental inventory. Are you achieving what you’d hoped for? Are you pushing ahead or falling behind? Remember, you need to chase your goals to be creative. And while tenacity will get you through the door, it’s hope that will keep you there. Whether you sell houses, trade stocks or bake the tastiest cookies this side of town, don’t forget the aspiration. Performance, achievements and success will follow, catapulting you- and your business- to the next level.