3 Tips For Getting More From Your Social Media Efforts…Without Stressing Out


3 Tips For Getting More From Your Social Media Efforts…Without Stressing Out

Running a family business is not without challenges, and with strong personalities, uncertain finances and more, each day brings new obstacles. Now add to that this whole idea of social media marketing and most of us welcome the idea of burying our head in the sand on some far away island. We get it, truly we do. Like most business owners, we are well aware of the value to be gained from using social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But if you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for, you’re not alone. Here are a few tips for getting more from your social media efforts without losing your mind.

Have a Plan and Stick to it

Despite what you may believe, there is a method to the madness that is social media. And maximizing your efforts and seeing results from your hard work begins and ends with creating a plan. Instead of running into social full steam, take a step back and think through your objectives. If you’re already using Twitter or Facebook, think about how you want to target your market. Do you want to build up a current customer base or cross promote a new product? Maybe you simply want to start a conversation with other business owners in a related industry to expand networking opportunities. Whatever the long term goal- think it through, create a plan and stick with it. It doesn’t have to be formal, just a few thoughts on where and when you plan on reaching out.

Be Consistent and Meaningful

Nothing will damage a social media reputation more than inconsistency. Sure, you’ll probably miss a few days here and there, and that’s fine. But in order to develop an ongoing relationship with potential clients or customers, you need to stay in touch and it needs to be often. That means if one of your followers asks a question, you need to answer it promptly. If something big happens in your industry, you need to talk about it. Craft your posts thoughtfully and ask questions to incite two-way conversation. Follow your competition and see what they are talking about. Remember, the Holy Grail of social media marketing is meaningful engagement, measured by the amount of times your followers retweet, share and click on what you have to say.

Don’t Fall Prey to Information Overload

Back in the day, we used encyclopedias for obtaining information- and it took a while to find the right book, chapter and paragraph. Times are changing and instant access to everything is no longer far-fetched, but reality. The problem is information overload. It can stifle creativity, deplete incentive and leave you exhausted before you begin your day.

When it comes to optimizing your social media strategy, don’t let yourself get caught in the trap of reading every single post on every platform. You’ll most likely find some interesting thoughts and a few great pieces of wisdom, but three hours will go by and you’ll be back at the beginning. Set limits, respond accordingly to inquiries and move on.

Social media is here to stay. It’s opened doors for meeting and engaging customers in ways we never dreamed possible just a few years ago. Nevertheless, success comes from a well designed plan, commitment, discipline and oh yeah, a little creativity.