3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Small Business Resolutions

Success3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Small Business Resolutions

With the holidays behind us, it’s time to get serious again and that means thinking about a business strategy for 2014. If last year was profitable, then forging ahead should be as easy as ramping up a few core initiatives for maximized results. If last year wasn’t as successful as you’d hoped, then you have your work cut out for you. But that’s okay too, because it all begins with a plan. Here’s how to keep your small business resolutions for the most profitable year yet.

Break Big Goals Into Small, Actionable Objectives

You’re not alone if you have lofty thoughts, and that’s a great thing. But do yourself a favor and break some of those stretch goals into smaller more manageable objectives. While it might not be unreasonable to project a twenty percent boost in sales, it may be easier to see progress if you look at it from another perspective. Instead of percentages, try to measure success by increased customer base. In other words, shoot for adding five new customers and concentrate your efforts on providing the best service possible to existing customers for continued growth.

Take Time To Reflect

Small business owners rarely have the time to step back and reflect, but it’s a good strategy for prioritizing, de-stressing and focusing efforts. A small break from the business doesn’t mean a trip to Vegas or a week on the beach, it means an hour or two throughout the day to grab a cup of coffee and read through a magazine. It means de-cluttering the brain and giving your brain a chance to unravel for the next wave of challenges. Besides, you’re more likely to come up with those moments of brilliance when you’ve had ample time to digest.

Stay Positive Despite the Outcome

Remember, no one is perfect and despite your best efforts, you will fail on occasion. The trick to success is to learn from mistakes, get back on the horse and try again. Yes, it sounds a bit utopian, but the truth is, staying positive is the key to getting through pretty much anything. And whatever this year has to bring, you’re better off if you meet it with a smile.

2014 has the possibility to be an exciting year for your business. Make sure to give yourself some action steps to see results, reflect when needed and always keep your smile. Visit us on Facebook and tell us how you plan on keeping your New Year’s resolution, we’d love to know.