Why a Mother-Daughter Business?

SuccessFamily businesses come in all different shapes and sizes. Some were started by grandparents, who passed a dream to their children in hopes that another generation would continue to represent the family name. In other cases, brothers and sisters collaborate to create brand new ideas, hoping to build their own success story. But of all family run business ventures, few have the unique quality of a mother-daughter business. So what is it about this relationship that differentiates it from other family-based professional connections?

A Mother-Daughter Bond is Hard to Break

Close families enjoy open relationships, where communication is free and candid, respect is high and a true friendship develops. However, moms connect with their daughters with something deep and unexplainable. Sure, there’s fighting from time to time and the occasional cry, but that’s exactly what makes the bond so strong. Mothers and daughters in business together never need to worry about building trust or establishing a sense of loyalty. They are keenly aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and more in touch with how to bring out those qualities in one another in a professional context.

A Natural Rhythm Exists

Mother’s intuition is real, but there’s more to the story than instinct. The truth is, when a mother and daughter find the “groove” that makes their business relationship flourish, a kind of “natural rhythm” develops where tasks and responsibilities no longer need to be identified and assigned. A higher instinct takes over, and each partner thrives doing what they know they do best. That’s not to say that an overall strategy and game plan is a waste of time. Certainly, planning plays a critical role in business success, and all savvy business owners rely on business plans to coordinate efforts and reach objectives. But the natural rhythm of a mom and her daughter is difficult to replicate.

Truth Tellers At Heart

Making a real contribution to the business is a key part of building a successful partnership. In family businesses in particular, it’s easy to overlook less than stellar performance or the family member whose contribution is questionable. The same is not true with moms and daughters. Truth tellers at heart, mothers and their daughters are two family members who will not hesitate to tell it like it is. The result? A business where achievement is earned through hard work and labor.

Growing a family business has its challenges, and there are plenty of hurdles on the way to success. But unlike a typical family run operation, a mother-daughter team has the added benefit of drawing on the unique bond and natural rhythm of a mom and her little girl that can’t be replaced.