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Would You Make a Good Entrepreneur?

Success stories are everywhere and it’s always motivating to hear when great ideas and creative women come together in a fantastic business. Building your own company is exciting and loads of fun, but at times a bit challenging. Whether you’re still in the planning phases or up and running, there are no guarantees when it(…)


You Can Do That…Just Get Out of Your Own Way

How many times have you heard someone utter the phrase “you can’t do that”? Who are they talking to…me? I think not. As women, most of us remember our mothers telling us we could do and be anything we wanted to…even president. Then why the negativity? As adults, often times, that carefree spirited enthusiasm we(…)


Don’t forget the Aspiration

Don’t Forget the Aspiration  In my family, everyone worked- no exceptions. I remember as a little girl watching my mother. As a realtor, she was always on the phone and always carried a big briefcase. Often, after she would leave in the morning, I would sit at the kitchen table, pretending to be on the(…)


44 Tips for Dealing With Overwhelm

In today’s fast paced world where we’re we fulfill many roles in our day to day lives, OVERWHELM can consume you us and cause an array of physical and emotional symptoms from brain fog, irritability, and decision-making paralysis. Life Coach, Karen Greenstreet shares 44 Tips for Dealing With Overwhelm on her blog. Enjoy! READ MORE(…)


Are You ‘On’ 24/7?

This past weekend, as I sat on the beach in beautiful Naples, FL, I was so grateful for an afternoon of solitude, quiet, sunshine and catching up on my reading. Thinking about it, however, I realized that that’s pretty much my reality every day, both by design and default. At this point in my life(…)