About Us

The National Association of Mothers and Daughters in Business (NAMDB) is the nation’s premier organization catered to mother-daughter entrepreneurs who are building, growing and running successful businesses together. Founded in 2011, NAMDB was shaped by mother-daughter team Jamie Kizer and Jordan Nikoloff who understand firsthand the challenges, concerns, roadblocks and joys mothers and daughters face building and maintaining a successful business venture.

A Network Emerges

While pursuing their own business enterprise, Jamie and Jordan were surprised at the lack of information and opportunities available to connect with other mother-daughter business owners. Facing challenges of their own, they sought support and when they could not find it, they created it. Jamie decided to reach out directly to successful mother-daughter teams to listen to their stories and learn about their businesses. As the network grew, so did the businesses and before too long, NAMDB was born.

Fostering Healthy Partnerships

Since then, NAMDB engages mother-daughter teams and helps foster healthy partnerships- both professionally and personally- between moms and their daughters. By joining NAMDB, you have the opportunity to connect with and support other women in family businesses as well as access a wide range of resources, educational materials and expertise to help guide decision making in both personal and professional areas.

From starting, growing and financing your business to navigating wealth preservation, estate and succession planning; understanding and mastering online and offline marketing strategies; dealing with transition and conflict to creating a healthy work-life balance, invaluable information is available to help you achieve your goals.

From Our Family to Yours…

The goal of NAMDB is to continue to positively impact future generations of mother-daughter teams by providing them with the support, unique resources and networking opportunities to bond, grow and succeed. We recognize that in addition to striving to become profitable business owners, you are moms, daughters, sisters, aunts, wives and grandmothers- upstanding members of your community- and NAMDB is here to help you l
ead enriched, fulfilled lives. From our family to yours, we are pleased to share this unique opportunity with you and look forward to guiding you through a long, prosperous personal and professional journey.

The Mission of the National Association of Mothers and Daughters in Business is to Recognize
 and Support the unique relationship between Mothers and Daughters in business so that they may thrive in an environment that is both profitable and healthy for all involved.