Mothers & Daughters in Business: A Juggling Act, For Sure!

On a daily basis, as  business owners, it is necessary for us to keep our eyes on many different balls at one time: sales, marketing, budgets, employees,  trends, and host of other variables that can impact our businesses and bottom lines.

However, as women business owners, we can add several more variables into the mix as we try to balance our roles – actually, it’s more like inter-weaving our roles – as wife, mother, friend, community leader,  etc.,  while at the same time trying to eat well, if we remember to eat at all, manage emotions (and hormones), stay physically fit, spiritually balanced, well groomed, and create some sense of order (and cleanliness) in our personal and work environments.

Now, add into the mix the fact we are mothers and daughters in business together, and there’s a whole other set of unique variables that can (and will) impact more than just our businesses.

Recognizing, honoring, and managing all of these different variables and roles that make up our reality is crucial to building successful businesses, healthy relationships, self-actualization and, of course, our legacies.

Our primary purpose here at the National Association of Mothers & Daughters in Business is to provide support, encouragement, community and tools that will help you create and sustain balance in your business, personal life and mother-daughter(s) relationship. The programs, workshops, stories, seminars and articles will be holistic in nature and design. There will be a balance in the topics we cover, ranging from the best marketing tips for your business to how to manage family conflict to establishing boundaries.

The first step in honoring and managing all the parts of ourselves is to first recognize and acknowledge that we are in fact 1) Business owners;  2) Women; and 3) Women Business Owners in business with members of our family, specifically mother-daughter (s). We are the sum of these three parts and success will come only when we learn to manage and juggle them equally.

How do you manage and juggle these three roles in your life, business and relationships?